How The Whoopa! App Works

No More Standing In Line!

Whoopa! is a smartphone app that connects you directly to hawker stalls all around Singapore, allowing you to place your food orders anytime, anywhere. When your food is ready, you will be prompted by us to collect from the stall.
Easy and hassle free, why not Whoopa today!

Order and pay online anytime, anywhere!

Heading to your favourite hawker stall and anticipating a crowd? Why not order directly on Whoopa! to skip the queue.

Relax and wait to be notified when your order is ready.

Without the need to join a physical queue, take your time to find seats(especially during that busy lunch hour) and enjoy the company of your friends.

Collect with digital ticket and enjoy your meal!

Ding! Your order is ready. We will notify you when it is time to collect your meal. Flash your digital ticket at the stall and you are all set to enjoy your meal!

Start using Whoopa today!